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Welcome to the webpage for kindred spirits of the feathered and furred. "Cat Vision" refers to taking a stress break and seeing things as the cat does: food dish-full, lap-warm, litter-clean... and all is well! Such simplicity! If you are animal friendly, continue, if not , Hiss off!! I will be adding links as I discover them to assist with pet maintenance, etc. Though not cat-exclusive there is an evident bias toward felines....adjust. There are also useful and not-so-useful links to things which I find curious for reasons unknown.

First Sniff! Links Under Construction-Stop Growling!

Feline Diabetes Web Page
Kitty or dog drinking lots of water? Litter needs changing more frequently? Check out this page for help if you know or suspect your cat is diabetic,also provides links for other animals.
Candle Ceremony
This site provides assistance and comfort to those suffering the loss of a pet and a place to express it where no one gives you funny looks because they don't understand.
Tiger Information Center
A very cool interactive area to learn about tigers and the efforts to save them from extinction. Incredible graphics and wagging tiger tails. We give it a rrrrooooaaarr!
Disney World
Where you can have breakfast with Tigger!! Makes planning a trip irresistable!
Aim Family of Funds
Investment information to better enable us to buy pet toys.
Things to Do When You're Bored
Now the weird stuff pets do when we leave them alone make sense! This site describes lots of strange stuff to do when you've got a bit to much time on your hands. Tail-chasing appears tame...
First Feline
OK OK enough political hoopla!! I bring you a photo of the most attractive occupant of the White House, and the only one not under investigation.

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